Monday, February 27, 2017

Full Singing Service!

Amanda here. I know that I have completely dropped the ball with keeping this poor blog updated, and I apologize. Life has been in full swing!

But, today I have something special for y'all! I just uploaded an entire singing service on YouTube. This is the service that we did this past Sunday, and Daniel and his wife, Cassie, joined us.  Enjoy!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Keep on the Firing Line | Music Video

I know it has been more than forever since I've updated this blog. My sincerest apologies. For tonight, though, I wanted to share a video with y'all. "Keep on the Firing Line" is a song that "us older ones" used to do (Christopher, Rebecca, Daniel, and I [Amanda]). In the past year, we have had to do a lot of adjusting as the older ones have not been able to sing with us as much. So now, we have revisited our old favorite with some of the younger ones (Samuel, Timothy, Rachel, Joanna, and I). 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Monday, January 25, 2016

Where Has the Time Gone?

I sincerely apologize to all of our blog readers for the past seven months' silence. Trust me...they have not really been "silent" around our house! It is impossible to fully catch up on all of the activity since then, but I'll try to give you all a glimpse (you may want to settle down for a fairly lengthy stay here). Since I didn't take my camera everywhere, it is very likely that I am leaving out some churches that invited us to sing. We had an amazing end of 2015 and were extremely blessed by all of the churches and people with whom we ministered.

July 2015
Dad preached and we children sang at Blue Spring Baptist Church's revival services.

Daniel, Elizabeth, Rachel, Samuel

Our church had their VBS. The younger children enjoyed "just going" while the rest of us helped with music and activities.

Samuel helping with activities

Elizabeth helping with songs

Junior Camp! Our family was in charge of activities for the first time this year. It was a great experience and the children seemed to have fun! They also enjoyed learning Bible lessons from the preachers throughout the days.

Daniel, our activities' director

Sword Drills

Bible quizzes

The camp of 2015

Girl counselors and co-counselors after cleanup

Senior Camp: again, we headed up the activities as well as helped where needed (those of us who were not a part of the camp). It was a wonderful week!

Amanda, Daniel, Christopher

Pictures from home...
This is how practice sometimes looks. :)

Samuel and Ashlyn

July 2015
Daniel, Christopher, and I were again blessed to be a part of Camp Christa (Navajo Camp) in Colorado.

Reylene and Amanda

Daniel and Justin with the younger boys

Amanda and some of "her girls"

A group of the counselors

Our church had its' revival with Bro. Roger as the guest preacher.

Bro. Roger

Joanna playing piano with Brooklyn

Pictures from home...
This is what the house looked like in July!

August 2015
We sang at Oakland Baptist and Daddy preached.

Daniel, Amanda, Rebecca, Joanna, Samuel, Timothy


And we also sang at West St. Charles Baptist.

CHEF (Christian Home Educators' Fellowship) Leadership Summit came around again. We trekked down to Louisiana to work with about sixty children while their parents were in conference.

Pictures from home...
This is what the house looked like in August!

September 2015
Pictures from home... (since we don't seem to have any of ministry work)

Joanna, Ashlyn, Jessica, Rebecca

Amanda, Joanna, Rachel

House building continued!

Our little helper

October 2015
We were part of Hebron Baptist's homecoming.

November 2015
As always, we were super excited for our annual Bible conference and had an amazing time!

During Bible Conference, some of us young people join Bro. Ben at the nursing home.

Pictures from home...
November finally saw some flooring put into our house!

December 2015
Again, I do not have pictures from the ministry opportunities that we had in December, so you'll have to settle for only pictures from home.

First, the house as it looked in December:

Going out to eat with Dad's cousin--the first time all of us children had been together "out for a meal" in a very, very long time!

Though the house wasn't yet done, we celebrated Christmas in it. We started in the mobile home with reading the Christmas story and singing Christmas hymns. Then we moved to the house and exchanged gifts and had a great family time with a lot of laughter and fun.

Naomi, Mom, Ashlyn

Dad, reading the Christmas story

Christopher, Ashlyn, Jessica

Elizabeth, Rebecca, Joanna

Rachel, Amanda


Christopher, Ashlyn

Joanna, Naomi

The Tero family

January 2016
We brought in the New Year with a group of friends.

Our family sang for the Woodsmen of the World banquet on July 9.

Bringing you up to date, as of January 19, we are officially living in our new home! We are so grateful for the Lord's grace that has brought us through the long journey and thankful for the many prayers offered by our friends on our behalf. Here are some pictures in the final stages of construction.

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